Monday, October 6, 2008

Oct 3, 08: God's pruning

God's pruning
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As many of you may have noticed, I have not been as quick to respond to emails within the last week. Well, my computer decided to stop working on me. It is acting similarly to last year when it stopped working. Last year, the only solution was to have it taken apart and soldered back together. I have a feeling what had been soldered got detached. I'm unsure of what to do with it right now, so for the moment I am at the mercy of others. My brother, Dave, came down for a week, and so I am able to share his computer right now.
As I mentioned, Dave came down to visit. He arrived today and I am SO excited to have him here. He is going to be helping me at the school during the week, as well as perform various tasks around the base. Although he will be a large help this week, his being here is enough for me. It is just spectacular to be able to share this portion of my life with a part of my family.
Okay, I'm thinking back to my last email to you and I believe it mentioned Basil's health concerns. He left for the states this past Tuesday and has been to see a few doctors already. We don't know much as yet, but it is encouraging to know that he is back home, in an area where more medical possibilities are available. WIth them leaving, this left me here nearly alone. Vera sent out an email asking if anyone had a desire to come down here for a span of time, so I wouldn't be so vulnerable. God is Jehovah Jirah, my provider, and I am no longer by myself. You may remember that last year I lived with a woman named Carole. She was a huge blessing to me during that time. She left for another area of Belize to minister to, but after receiving Vera's email she committed to staying here at the base with me for a month. She arrived here yesterday and it provides me such a peace to know I am so well taken care of by my Father in heaven.
The other recurring issue is the school. We did not have a full week of school again last week. Until another solution is posed by the educational office of Belize I have organized a handful of parents in the village to teach at the school on days that the regular teachers can't make it in. I will be supervising all of this, making sure that order is being maintained, and that the proper topics are being taught within the proper classrooms. It isn't a perfect solution, and it will take some getting used to. I really feel, however, that this is why God has me here this year. The only way I could be sure that I would get parents who would come in every day and truely try to teach (as opposed to babysit) I need to offer them some payment in return. There are five teachers, and I've told them that I would pay them $300/month, which means $150 US dollars. I need help with this. If you would like to help sponcer a teacher please email me back. I have been praying about this and I am certain that God will provide the funds to do this.
I think that's all the big things that happened this week. Thank you for praying and being patient with me as it has taken me a while to respond to some emails. I love you all!

-Mandy <><

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